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Maternity photoshoot in Flintshire. Baby posed wearing a green hat in the  relaxed environment of a photography studio in Wrexham.
North Wales based newborn baby photographer Liliana Séca Santos works from her studio in Flintshire. Your photoshoot will take place in the relaxed and safe enviroment, designed to provide you with the best experience while creating beautiful portraits of your family.


Maternity sessions are best held when you are 28-36 weeks pregnant. At this stage, your baby bump has a beautiful shape, being full and round. However, each woman experiences pregnancy in a unique way and, therefore, the time for you to schedule your maternity session is when you have a lovely visible bump and feel well to move around with ease. This can happen right at 28 weeks or when you are close to your due date if you feel comfortable enough to stand and pose.


Pregnancy is a magical time in a woman’s life, regardless of it being her first or fourth time. Throughout this exciting period, a woman’s body has the wonderful ability to change and grow in order to safely accommodate the new life developing inside. This is a true miracle and an incredible life changing event worth capturing for you to cherish forever. It is my aim to present you with stunning imagery that focuses on capturing the beauty of your pregnancy, celebrating love and documenting the special bond between mother and unborn baby. 


Your maternity session takes place either at my studio located in Flintshire or at another location, within the surrounding area. I am happy to travel further, but please be advised that a surcharge may apply, with the cost being dependant on the location. Please contact me directly if you live or want to have a maternity session outside the area covered. This session has a more relaxed approach, although often emotive and intimate. You are welcome to bring your own dress or oversized jumper/shirt. Partners and children are welcome to join in the photography session to honour this remarkable moment in your and your family’s lives. 

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