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Meet Baby River - DIY Newborn Posing Doll

As I have not been able to photograph your beautiful babies over the past few months, I have turned my hand to creating this newborn posing doll. It only took me a little over a day to put all my “engineering” skills to work. However, in the end, I felt as if I had conquered a grand design. I made it using my own pattern and only materials I already had at home. Handsewn, as I currently do not have a sewing machine, after a few trials and errors my doll was completed.

Meet baby River, a little charm, I am very proud of how it turned out.

Although my posing newborn doll cannot be compared to a human baby, the fact that it is the size of an average newborn baby makes it very useful. Baby River has enabled me to continue photographing and practise new posing and wrapping techniques, as well as experimenting with new props in order to perfect my craft.

Moreover, I firmly believe that, when it becomes safe to be back at work producing beautiful memories of your baby, this posing doll will be a great help in the studio. For instance, it will be very handy to demonstrate how best to hold and pose with your little one while creating those timeless parent and baby portraits. Similarly, I will be able to show older siblings how to interact with the baby to create stunning photos of your children bonding together.

Below are some more images of baby River in different poses and wrapping techniques. I will be back next week for another blog post. See you soon!

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Anthony Hett
Anthony Hett
Jun 03, 2020

Your doll is amazing, as are you! Is there anything you can't do?

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